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Founded in 1984, the company provides results for sports events in various forms and media, including tv-graphics, info systems, internet etc. using its own personnel (300 experts all over Greece), hardware and software by in-situ data collection and on-line processing.

Over the past 27 years, Galanis Sports Data has covered more than 60,000 games and 1,000 international events in all Olympic and most non-Olympic sports with an average of more than 2,000 games per year.

Since 1990, the company provides the official stats for football, basketball, volleyball in Greece. In addition, Galanis Sports Data produces the official statistics for the Superleague Football Championship and provides the graphics to all television channels within the framework of the TV rights agreement.

Galanis Sports Data has covered almost all major athletic events which have been held in Greece including the 9th European Veterans’ Track & Field Championships (1994), Cosmovolley (1994), Eurovolley (1995), the VI IAFF World Marathon Cup (1995), Eurobasket (1995), Junior’s Mundobasket (1995), WorldBasket (1998), European Men’s Basketball FINAL FOUR (2000), IAAF Grand Prix “Tsiklitiria” (1998-2009), the 47th Acropolis Rally (2000), the 7th Basketball World Championship for Junior Men (2003), the 29th European Basketball Championship for Women (2003), the European Weightlifting Championships (2003), the World Youth Chess Championships, the FIVB World Tour (Men-Women) (2004), the European Basketball World Championship for Junior Men (2006, 2008, 2009), the European Track & Field Cup (2006), the European Archery Championships (2006), the Euroleague Final Four (2007),  the European Basketball Championship for Women U16 (2010) as well as the Euroleague games of the Greek teams.

 For the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games the company provided accreditation services, tv-graphics operators, results managers, athletes biography forms and cabling installation in all venues. 

Outside Greece, the company undertook the European Women’s Basketball FINAL FOUR (1996 Sofia – Bulgaria), the European Men’s Basketball FINAL FOUR (1997 Rome – Italy), the World Weightlifting Championships (2003 Vancouver – Canada) and provided graphics operators for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

 In 2001, the company provided stats and graphics on behalf of TELEFONICA and ORAD in the majority of the Euroleague basketball games in Europe (Berlin, Wroclaw, Lyon, Kaunas, Gent, Bologna, London, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Athens, Thessaloniki), while in football, the company covered the Cypriot (1997-98), the Israeli (2001), and the Turkish Championship (2002). In 2008 in Beijing In 2009, in Cyprus, the company covered the 13th Games of Small States of Europe in 13 sports.

 In 2010, Galanis Sports Data provided results for the Special Olympics Test Events, and will provide results also for the Special Olympics 2011 in the summer.

Accreditation services are provided by Galanis Sports Data, which has developed an application that fully covers the needs of the sports organizers, including circulation studies and maps, and was used with great success in the European Veterans' Track & Field Championships (1994) , Cosmovolley '94, Eurobasket '95, Eurovolley '96, the Centennial FIVB World Congress, the World Basket Congress '98, Worldbasket '98, Euroleague Final Four (2000), 65th AIPS World Congress, Athens Grand Prix “Tsiklitiria” (2000-2009), World Deaf Championships (2002), World Youth Chess Championships (2002-2003), FIVB World Tour (2002, 2003, 2005), 7th Basketball World Championship for Junior Men (2003), ESAKE Cards (2002-2006), 29th Basketball European Championship for Women (2003), 74th Fide Congress (2003), Olympic Flame Lighting & Handing-Over Ceremonies (2002-2004-2006-2008-2010), World Modern Pentathlon Championships (2004), ACNO World Congress (2004),  European Basketball World Championship for Junior Men (2006, 2008, 2009), Euroleague Draw (2006), European Archery Championships (2006), World Three-cushion Championship (2007), Olympic Basketball Tournament (2008), U16 European Basketball Championships for Junior Women (2010),   etc.

As part of the preparations for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, the company undertook the accreditation services for four Sport Events during the months of July and August 2003 (Canoe Kayak, Rowing, Sailing, Cycling). In addition, the company undertook the cabling installation for A.O.B. in all venues, the positions of ATHOC Results Liaison Managers, ATHOC PRD Coordinators and A.O.B. Graphic Generators Operators.  The company was also responsible for the collection of the biography forms of both the Olympic Games athletes (in co-operation with Infostrada) and all the Paralympic Games’ athletes.

Technical analyses based on the processed data are performed on behalf of various teams and federations. Selected topics are examined in co-operation with various universities and conclusions are published. Daily newspapers host articles presented in popular form on a weekly basis.

activity includes the development of a model used for the official WorldBasket ’98 site with on-line full statistics for every match for the first time in Europe. The site was designed, prepared and handled by Galanis Sports Data and created a record of 10 million hits over the period of the games. In addition, the company has designed and is updating the official sites of Superleague Greece ( and the Hellenic Basketball Clubs’ Association ( with official statistics for all players and teams. The company has also designed the official website of the Hellenic Sports Federation for Persons with Disabilities ( while it designs the websites of all competitions the company covers feeding on-line data and results.

In the past, Galanis Sports Data has designed the official websites of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (, the International Olympic Academy (, the Hellenic Weightlifting Federation (, the Hellenic Chess Federation (, etc. The company also develops web-based applications with games, which use on-line player and/or team statistics during the course of the games.

Last but not least, Galanis Sports Data designed and produced multimedia CD-ROMs for Olympiacos Basketball Club, the Hellenic Weightlifting Federation, World Chess Championships, etc.

activities include “SERVICE”, the official monthly newsletter of CEV (European Volleyball Confederation), which was in circulation from 1993 to 1996, “Hellenic Basketball Report”, a monthly basketball report servicing NBA teams, as well as the yearly HEBA Basketball Guide. In addition to the above, the company prepared the official presentation for the 1998 World Men’s Basketball Championship. For 11 consecutive years since 1999, Galanis Sports Data publishes "Sports Dates", a diary presenting a chronology of the most significant sports events of the past on a day-to-day basis. Also since 1999, “Galanis Scouting Report” – a concise guide of Greek Basketball has been available to all Internet users via the company’s website.

Election service was provided by means of on-line presentation of results for MEGA Channel in 1991 and Antenna TV in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2004.

Galanis Sports Data has developed a ticketing application, which operates for on and off line ticket sales, monitors the disposal / revenues and provides security controls, visualization of seats, sectors etc.

In parallel, tailor-made applications for teams and federations covering all administrative, operational and competition needs, including Internet applications are provided.

Scouting covers all areas of specialized data and statistical information analysis and their presentation via the Internet, CD-ROMs and printed material, on behalf of players / teams, coaches and the Press.


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