Cooperation with ERT begun in 1986 in the context of the coverage of the 2nd Matchday of the 3-Nation Track & Field Meeting (16-17/8/1986) and continued the following year with the presentation of graphics and data in all games of the 5th FINA CUP, the World Water Polo Championships, which lasted 7 days and was broadcasted in various countries (Spain, Russia, etc.).

The first basketball match that GALANIS SPORTS DATA covered in cooperation with ERT was the international match Aris-Barcelona, played on 16/2/1989 at Alexandrion Melathron in Thessaloniki and matches of the national A1 Championship followed.

In general, during the ’80s, and until the introduction of the private television, sport coverages were only a few. As a result, many of them came directly from abroad with their own graphics, whereas big sports events that took place in Greece were covered by companies that had contracts with the international bodies/organizers.

At this point, it should be noted that graphics in their present form did not exist in the ‘80s. There was just the presentation of the SCORE via “character generators” and sometimes the presence of color was a luxurysince in many cases the disparity of equipment (PAL / SECAM) did not allow even that.

All this time, GALANIS SPORTS DATA offered all coverages to ERT for free, while the first contract was signed on 25/9/1992 on the occasion of the A1 Basketball Championship, organized by HEBA.

Cooperation with all ERT channels is multifaceted and extends to all sports, broadcasts, etc. and of course extends outside the narrow limits of television, since ERT journalists have in their disposal either data, serving the needs of their broadcasts, or the assistance of GALANIS SPORTS DATA staff in the visualization and decode of all data, with most recent the collaboration with SUPERLEAGUE to define / identify the players with the best performance.

In the context of Euro 2004, GALANIS SPORTS DATA covered on behalf of ERT.GR, the official site of ERT, all games by offering articles and comments after each game of the National Team.

During the 2006-2007 TV season, GALANIS SPORTS DATA undertook full technical support (on air graphics & electronic board and pieces) of the quiz "POS TON LEN TON POTAMO". Also, during the last five years the company has covered the Thessaloniki Song Festival, all regional Eurovision song contests, the “PEOPLE” TV Awards, the UNICEF Telethons and generally all special interest productions of ERT.

Today, EPT requires more complex operational activity by GALANIS SPORTS DATA, since the needs of covering various events include all parts of Greece, with calls being made even a few hours before the start of each event.

In 2008, 2009, and 2010, GALANIS SPORTS DATA supported the weekly sport broadcast “Athletic Sunday” with official statistics and TV cards from the studio during which the analysis of data was done by Costas Galanis. Additionally, the company covered in collaboration with Unicef, the Telethon of Love​​, offering pro bono services honoring the purpose of the event.

In 2012 GALANIS SPORTS DATA signed a 2-year contract for the provision of graphics in all ERT news and athletic broadcasts.

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