Since 1998, GALANIS SPORTS DATA publishes “Sports Dates”, a sports diary, which presents a chronology of the most significant sports events of the past on a day-to-day basis.

Sports Dates 1999-2014


The publishing activities of GALANIS SPORTS DATA include “SERVICE”, the official monthly journal of the European Volleyball Confederation, which was released from 1993 until 1996, the “Hellenic Basketball Report”, a monthly basketball report which addressed NBA teams, as well as the annual “HEBA Basketball Guide”.




Furthermore, the company prepared the formal presentation for the World Basketball Championship in 1998, and undertook the production and publication of the 5-language “Services Guide” on behalf of the Prefecture of Athens (2004-2005),

Athens Prefecture 5 Services Guide

as well as the production of the CD-ROM and the web-page of the “Services Guide” on behalf of the Prefecture of Athens.  Athens Prefecture Services Guide Web


Below is an indicative list of the publications of the company:

  • Hellenic Basketball Report

Monthly Basketball Report (which targets NBA teams)

  • SERVICE (1993-1996)

CEV Monthly Journal

  • 36 Years of Finals
  • HEBA Basketball Guides
  • Basketball Guide Α1 1993-1994
  • 10+1 Years Α1 (1997)
    • Sports Diary “Sports Dates”
  • Services Guide – Prefecture of Athens

Α. In printed form

1st Edition: January 2004 in Greek

2nd Edition: October 2004 in English and French

3rd Edition: June 2005 in Albanian and Russian

Β. 5-Langluage CD-ROM

Issued annually since 1999, in collaboration with various companies, such as: ΤΙΜ, Piraeus Bank, Supersport, SportNews, Flash 9.61, VIMA, etc.


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