GALANIS SPORTS DATA launched its first TV Graphics Service back in 1986, during the Bruno Zauli Athletics Championships  and the 5th World Waterpolo FINA Cup, both televised by ERT. Since then, GALANIS SPORTS DATA displays graphics and results on television during various sports events. At that time the character generators used were two BBC computers with COX genlock cards and two years later were replaced by many AMIGAs.

In general, during the ’80s, and until the introduction of the private television, sport coverages were only a few. As a result, many of them came directly from abroad with their own graphics, whereas big sports events that took place in Greece were covered by companies that had contracts with the international bodies/organizers.

At this point, it should be noted that graphics in their present form did not exist in the ‘80s. There was just the presentation of the SCORE via “character generators” and sometimes the presence of color was a luxury since in many cases the disparity of equipment (PAL / SECAM) did not allow even that.

The company has developed special software for all Olympic and many non-Olympic sports, which cooperates with all types of graphics generators. The graphics are designed by either GALANIS SPORTS DATA in cooperation with the organizer or the organizer in cooperation with GALANIS SPORTS DATA and vary according to the TV station or the sport.

Graphics generators developed to animated rather than static graphics generators in both SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition), in 4:3 or 16:9 format with small videoclips (targa sequences) projecting advertising spots. GALANIS SPORTS DATA established a cooperation with MSL Spain, the provider of the official Olympic Games graphics and hardware.

Since 2009, GALANIS SPORTS DATA has undertaken the official statistics and the graphics design for all TV channels in the context of the central management agreement of the OPAP football championship on behalf of Super League Greece.

GALANIS SPORTS DATA also covers all European competition matches for the Greek teams in football, basketball, volleyball, handball and waterpolo matches and has extensive collaboration with all television channels.

Since 2013, the company undertook on behalf of FIM the projection of graphics and data during the live TV coverages of the FIM World MX1/MX2 Motocross Championships (Qatar, Thailand, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, France, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Germany).



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